When I was a teenager I wasn't always happy with my the way my body looked.  I felt that in order to be loved or accepted by my peers I needed to be a certain size, dress a certain way, or have the right hair style.  In high school I use to rip the tags out of my clothes, because I didn't want my friends to know what size clothing I wore.  The label (size) of my clothes is what I focused on.  I channeled all my thoughts on trying to change my body that I forgot about all of the other great things that made me.....me.  

I now have 2 amazing daughters each beautiful in their own way.  I want them and every young girl to know there is so much more to them than their size.   For years I have wanted to create a clothing brand that speaks to who you are as a person and give the wearer a daily reminder of how loved they are.