Changing The Clothing Industry One Label At A Time

Our Labels

The Future

There is no better time than now to teach our children about self love. Growing up I wasn't always happy with how I looked. As a teen I would tear the size label out of my clothes, so others wouldn't know what size I wore. I never want another child to feel that way. When you put on our shirts you are beginning your day with a positive reminder of who you are as you step out into the world.

Hidden Reminders

Each one of our shirts & sweatshirts comes with a hidden message. They are found in the inside cuff of our sweatshirts or the underside of the hem in our t-shirts. You can choose from one of the sayings provided or create your own. When you need that pick-me-up it's just one glance away.


Not only are our shirts great for every day wear, but they make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Sharing the gift of positivity with others is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

I love these tags! They help me keep my thoughts positive as I'm getting dressed in the morning.

Anna S.

This sweatshirt is so comfortable I could wear it every day!

Molly B.

I gave my daughter one of the t-shirts with a special message from me to her inside the hem. She came home from school and told me that when she was upset she remembered the phrase inside her shirt & it made her feel better right away.

Susan W